We'd bet that even the biggest fitness junkies among us have had this moment: You've just woken up and the thought creeps in...Maybe I could just work out from bed, for a change? When you're pressed for time, dreading the rain/sleet/snow/whatever weather outside, or just feeling blah about walking to the gym at the moment, it's tempting. But if you're quick to dismiss the thought as nothing but a lazy Saturday morning fantasy, you'll definitely want to hear what Erika Bloom, Pilates guru and celebrity instructor, has to say.

Apparently you really can get a great workout from bed (other than, you know, the obvious cardio-in-bed workout). "The beauty of Pilates is that it can be done anywhere," says Bloom. "And the bed is a great, easy place to get a toning, lengthening workout using just your body weight." Plus, the springiness of the mattress provides a little extra dose of resistance. We asked Bloom to create a series of killer, bed-centric exercises with all of this in mind. While her routine below will still make your muscles quake, you only have to slip out from underneath your comforter to do it—before promptly returning to your Netflix binge minutes later.

For Pilates newbies, the language can be tricky to understand at first—you'll see and hear some quirky things like "wrap your abs around like a corset" or "maintain a neutral spine." The purpose is to to help you visualize small little tweaks to make in your alignment as you go through the exercises. Pilates is built on details, with the idea that just by breathing a little differently or tightening your stomach, you're targeting more muscles and making the workout that much more effective. (You'll see results more quickly by doing so, too.)

Neutral spine = The natural position of the spine when all of its curves are in alignment. If you relax when lying down, your lower back and neck shouldn't be pressed against the floor (or bed).

"Pull in," "engage," or "wrap" = All refer to keeping your core or abs flexed and tight. Doing so amps up the work your body is doing.

Go through the entire sequence for a complete body workout, as illustrated by Bloom herself. Be sure to follow her breathing and alignment notes throughout, and to keep your core engaged when possible—all are important elements in getting the most out of a Pilates workout.

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