A $46 million, 153-room AC Hotel by Marriott — a chain started in Europe –  will

A $46 million, 153-room AC Hotel by Marriott — a chain started in Europe –  will be built in place of the scrapped West Elm hotel at the Bonstelle Theatre development project in Detroit’s Brush Park, Crain’s Detroit Business reports. AC Hotels was founded in 1998 in Spain. In 2011, it began operating as AC Hotels by Marriott, a subsidiary of Marriott International, Inc. which is based in Bethesda, Md.  The Detroit project includes a full renovation of the theater to its original 1903 Albert Kahn-designed exterior.   © Copyright document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Deadline Detroit, Inc. – All Rights Reserved Bellow Covers, Telescopic Steel Covers, Apron Covers, Roll-up Aprons – Hofen,https://www.shhofen.com/

Finding Crystalline Clarity in the Seemingly Chaotic

The technical mastery of Annie Lapin’s paintings is like that of a juggler who can simultaneously toss balls, bowling pins, flaming torches, and a chainsaw. LOS ANGELES — Strange Little Beast, Annie Lapin’s first exhibition at Shulamit Nazarian, hints at the artist’s ability — and perhaps desire — to paint like an Old Master, but it also indicates an understanding that she cannot live in the past. Lapin’s canvases reveal her wrestling match with post-digital aesthetics as she combines computerized tools with older rendering styles in an effort to paint for her own era. “The On In Outs (heap 5)” (all works 2019) exemplifies Lapin’s facility in constructing an image in multiple conflicting idioms. The lower half of the painting predominantly features the forelegs and fleece of a goat. Drawing on Renaissance techniques, representational elements are conveyed using loose brushwork to precise effect. Where the goat’s chest should be is instead the (headless) bust of a figure in formal, three-quarter pose, painted with post-impressionist brushwork. A horizontal strip depicting a landscape just above the painting’s midline is also painted in a post-impressionist style, while a stratum ...