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The GG stands for Geranylgeraniol, a compound synthesized endogenously in the human body via the mevalonate pathway.  It’s the same biochemical pathway by which cholesterol, heme A, dolichol and ubiquinone (CoQ10) are synthesized. 

According to DFH, GG is important in the vitamin K1 to K2 synthesis. Vitamin K2 has been shown in many studies to be important for the mobility of calcium into and out of the bones, and in helping to forestall the deposition of calcium in the arteries.

GG is also part of the synthesis of CoQ10.  This substance can be depleted during statin therapy and is theorized to be the root cause of muscle soreness and fatigue experienced by some of the 78 million Americans who use statins to control blood cholesterol levels.  

A recent study conducted in Australia on GG supports this notion.  The researchers found that supplementation with this compound prevents statin-induced skeletal muscle fatigue without adverse effects in other muscle tissues​​, such as the heart muscle and smooth muscle linings in the gut.

Jason Bosley-Smith, director of education at Palm Coast, FL-based DFH, said the compound was identified during the company’s development of its annatto-based vitamin E products.  When in became clear how much potential was there, it switched to a candidate for development in its own right.

“The extraction of GG from annatto has been in development for over 10 years, originally identified as a co-product of tocotrienols within the annatto plant. When analyzing the phytochemical constituency of the plant, GG was isolated and developed as a viable nutrient with myriad health-promoting properties, including as a substrate for CoQ10, and an integral nutrient for the synthesis of steroid hormones, vitamin K, and proteins,”​ Bosley-Smith told NutraIngredients-USA.

He said because of the compound’s many potential effects, a wide range of combination formulas are being contemplated.

“Several opportunities are being explored for combining GG with other nutrients. GG is being paired with CoQ10 for anti-aging and cellular energy support, a combination vitamin D & K formula to support optimal nutrient status, a sarcopenia support product due to GG's role in protein synthesis, and tocotrienols as these two nutrients provide support to cell integrity, mitochondrial efficiency, and physiological function,”​ Bosley-Smith said.

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