A businessman and well known 'hockey dad' has been charged with murder in a 26-year-old cold case after police traced his DNA on a genealogy site.

Jerry A. Westrom, 52, a married father-of-two was caught after Jeanne Ann Childs, 35, was brutally killed in June 1993 in Minneapolis.

Detectives matched his DNA to that of their suspect by picking up his discarded hot-dog napkin at the ice rink in January.

Jerry A. Westrom, 52, denies murdering Jeanne Ann Childs in 1993, he is being held on $1 million bail

Childs - who was a prostitute - was found with dozens of stab wounds at her apartment in Minneapolis - around 40 miles south of where Westrom lives today with his family, the Star and Tribune reported.

According to court records she was found naked in the shower, save for a pair of socks, with the water running over her bloodied corpse.

Recent advances in DNA technology and the genealogy website mean the police were able to match Westrom's DNA to that left on a washcloth at the crime scene.

They were led to Westrom after running his DNA through the website - used by people to find their relatives - and found a close relation of Westrom's who had used the site.

In January officers trailed the suspect and found what they needed after he disposed of his napkin at the rink.

The 'hockey dad' denies the allegations and police said he had no explanation for why his DNA was at the scene of the apartment murder.

Court records show he had multiple driving violations and had been convicted of soliciting a prostitute for $100 in 2015, the broadcaster said. 

One witness who wished to remain anonymous and worked for Westrom at his gas station as a teenager told the Star and Tribune he employed mainly teenage girls and would sometimes give them booze.

But she told the Star and Tribune: 'Jerry was loved by the town when I was growing up. He did the pancake breakfast for some of the high school sports, and he employed people at at least four businesses that I can recall.' 

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