GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Usually an inch or two of snow isn't enough to cause problems; but when it comes to plowing it, timing is everything.

"It came in right during the rush hour so we had more traffic out there," MnDOT spokesperson Anne Meyer says that slowed everything down, including plows, so their routes took longer. 

The wind also didn't help, but crews did have a window of golden opportunity Monday afternoon to lay down salt before it got too cold.

"We're trying to get some of that material onto the roads now when the temperatures are still working our way. At 15 degrees or lower is when we start to see salt and other materials don't work as well in those cold temperatures," Meyer said.

Plow drivers laid down both salt and salt brine to attack the snow on two fronts, breaking up the snow and ice for the evening commute so the drive home wouldn't be as bad. That could change overnight, though, with temps dipping down to zero.

"Some of what we're melting off with the salt may start to refreeze again. So, we're keeping an eye on all those elements," Meyer said.

One to two inches of snow in the metro, may stick around for another day or two, causing headaches and slow commutes for another day or so.

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"Each storm is unique and some factors work for us and some factors are a little more challenging and we saw a few of those challenges here today," Meyer said.

MnDOT says Tuesday's commute may be slower than usual, but it won't be nearly as bad as it was this morning.

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