The event production company which has worked with Calvin Klein, Dyson and Samsung bought 4 x Tessera X40 and 10 x XD to go with 300 panels of ROE Visual Diamond 2mm indoor LED screen.

iMAG, one of the UK’s most creative technical production and LED screen suppliers, has invested in 300 panels of ROE Visual Diamond 2mm indoor LED screen and has chosen Brompton Technology’s SX40 processors and XD 10G data distribution units as its accompaniment. iMAG works with a diverse range of clients, from well-known brands such as Dyson, Samsung and Calvin Klein, to a multitude of festivals and conferences.

“ROE Visual is an industry leader. We’ve been using their LED screens since the very beginning and they’ve always worked really well for us,” said iMAG co-founder and director, Charli Harding. “With requests for high-res indoor screens increasing significantly, we decided that now was the time to add ROE’s Diamond 2mm to our inventory.”

With such a substantial investment, iMAG needed to ensure that they were going to get the very best out of their new panels and invested in four Brompton Tessera SX40 processors and 10 XD data distribution units.

“We always analyse and research the LED market before we make any investment,” Harding said. “For this new purchase, robustness and cutting-edge design was key; our clients are buying into both the sheer numbers of pixels this screen can create and, of course, its concave and convex curves, which makes it a really creative solution.

“We wanted to match it with the very best in processing, and that is Brompton. We already have Brompton processors in our stock, so they are a tried and trusted solution. They help us deliver the best images for every event, the user interface is simple and easy to use, and the XD units save on both time and cable runs. And, of course, Brompton’s customer support is second to none, which gives us a real feeling of comfort. For us, that’s a winning combination and ensures iMAG Displays’ growth and reputation will continue to expand.”

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