Andreas Klamm Sabaot

Andreas Klamm Sabaot

Andreas Klamm Sabaot is known as Andreas Klamm and Andreas Klamm Sabaot, which is working in the United Kingdom and in Germany since 1986.

He is working as journalist, correspondent, reporter, TV producer, Radio Producer, host, presenter, author, writer, publisher, musician, music producer, artist and singer since 1984.

Andreas Klamm Sabaot is the author of 11 books published in the English and German language.

He has been born in the city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein in Germany. His grandfather has been a French Army Officer which is missing since 1946 and was born in Tunis in Tunesia in Africa.  His grandmother became in the city of Melbourne in Australia an Australian citizen. The other relative of Andreas Klamm Sabaot do come from the country of Germany.

In 1984 while Andreas Klamm Sabaot was 16 years of age he started a worldwide search for his grandmother and grandfather. He has found his grandmother in the country of Australia. His grandfather a French Army Officer is still missing.

Also in 1984 Andreas Klamm Sabaot has written and published his first articles for local newspapers and became a host and presenter of local TV and Radio programs on Public TV in Germany.

In 1986 Andreas Klamm Sabaot has founded in the city Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom and in the city of Speyer am Rhein, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Radio TV IBS Liberty, IBS TV Liberty which stands for IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty which is also know as Radio TV IBS Liberty and IBS TV Liberty. The aims and the purpose of Radio IBS Liberty and IBS TV Liberty are to promote education, international understanding, news about culture, art, music and inter-cultural dialogue. The media project is a non commercial project.

In 1989 Andreas Klamm Sabaot has recorded in the city of Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany for a local contest his first single as artist and singer which has been broadcasted on Public radio but has not been not released for trade.

Since 1986 Andreas Klamm Sabaot is active as musician, music producer, singer and artist and has produced many songs as music bed for radio programs. He is also active as Keyboardist.

In January 2016 the first single and digital audio single by Andreas Klamm Sabaot has been published and has been released for worldwide trade, too.


Andreas Klamm Sabaot is a Tunesian-French-German journrnalist, author, reporter, musician, music producer, singer and artist.